2021-2022 Allstars Elite/Prep Pricing Schedule

  Registration- Elite             $50.00 Per Athlete -  Early Bird Special Registration by May ( Insurance ) One Time Fee

                                              $75.00 Per Athlete Registering In the Month of June & July (Insurance)



Full Year Tuition                 2021-2022 - $115.00 Monthly Starting in August through May 2021

                                             (Practice 3-4 hrs a week ) Based On Team Level's

Summer Training                2021-2022 - $100.00 Monthly June & July 2021 (Mandatory) Elite Teams

Tumbling                             Mandatory Monthly Team Tumbling Fee $40.00 Separate Charge Begins August

                                             (One Hour Of Team Tumbling A Week)

Uniform                                NEW Uniform Season!  Up to $450 (2) Year Uniform - Only New Athletes 2021-2022


Competition Cost

  Tiny Exhibition                    $150.00 (approx.) Exhibition Fees Beginning in January 2022

                                                 (Tuition - $75.00 monthly Beginning in September) One Hour Practice


 Competitive Teams               $650 (approx.)  (Included 6-8 Competitions a Season)

                                                (This does not include US Finals)  Gold Paid Winners are Exempt!

                                                (This does not include Summit) - Paid Winners are Exempt!

                                                (This does not include Regional Summit) - Only Full Paid Winners are Exempt!


 Crossover Fees                     Limited Crossover - There is no additional monthly tuition fee; When an athlete is asked to cross                                                       or Fill-In on another team its based on athlete capabilities.

                                                We have an awesome fundraising program to help defer fees.



Additional Costs

Choreography Fees            $135.00 or higher per Athlete Level 1  (based on the number of Athletes on a team)

                                              $200.00 per Athlete Level 2, 3 & 4 (Based on Number of Athletes)

Music Fee                            $50.00 per Athlete (based on the number of Athletes on a team maybe higher)

Practice Wear                      $75.00 (Tank, Shorts) New Registered Athletes!

Jacket & Pants                   $65.00 per Athlete  (New!)

Bow/Hair                              $55.00 per Athlete (Hair Pieces Required)

Tuition Is Broken Into Ten (10) Monthly Equal Payments starting in August!!!!

Discount For Prepaid Payments Inquire Within

Uniform, Bow, Practice Wear, & Warm-Up Jacket, ( A schedule of payments will be provided)

Music, Choreography (Fundraising Efforts as a Team will be provided to offset costs).

***Inquire about our Sibling Discount Program***

Inquire About Our Fundraising Program to assist in offsetting costs

All Monthly Payments are on Auto-Pay