Every Child is Special at the Warriors

With or Without Scoliosis

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2018 Schedule Of Events

Open Tumble

Open To The Public!

RT Acrobatics - Every Sundays 4-5:30pm

May 12th

Great Adventure - Rain Date

Bring A Friend Week

May 14-18, 2018

Evaluations May 21-24th

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June 2, 2018

CDW EOY Banquet

June 5, 2018

Summer Training Program Begins

TBD July

Frog Hollow - Team Bonding!

Welcome Athletes - Carnival

Last Day of Registration

August 19th - Tentative

Season Begins August 21st!

Jlyn Coffey

Youth - Spartans

Junior - Gladiators

Nicole Sparano

Mini- Crusaders

Youth - Pegasus

Head Coach Emilie Millan

 Co - Founder

Mini - Crusaders

Youth - Spartans

Head Coach - Ashley Sosa

Tiny - Titans

Junior - Calypsos

Senior - Vikings

Brooke Palle

Empresses Head Coach

Taylor Mitchell

Tiny - Titans

Empresses Shining Stars

Lucia Millan - Director

President & Founder

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  • USASF Members

  • Rutgers Certified

  • Experienced Coaches for over 10 Years

  • National Placement Winners

  • Grand Champions

  • Certified Tumbling Instructors


Cheer Dream Scoliosis Foundation, Corp. a NJ Non-Profit Organization, has initiated a recreational cheer/dance team program, in the continuous out reach of support for children with or without scoliosis and special needs.  Through our program they can compete at local schools, perform in local venues and have the ability to pursue their dreams and aspirations, in cheer and dance.  We call ourselves Cheer Dream Warriors. 

In 2011 my daughter Emilie was diagnosed with a severe case of scoliosis, so severe that it required surgery to insert 2 rods and 16 titanium screws.  This was the end of her much passionate career of cheer as her spine was fused from T1 - L4.  Leaving Emilie with minimal flexibility. That's when we founded Cheer Dream Scoliosis Foundation.   In 2015 we raised enough funds to help Cheer Dream build a facility where tumbling, support, and families can call home, " Cheer Dream Xplosion"  we named it; a home for our cheerleaders, children  and those suffering with scoliosis. 

We are not just a cheer team, but we are Warriors! Sending messages to children that no matter your disability you still can conquer what you believe in.  We teach our children to give back, help others, support one another, but most of all to be humble!

Owner & Director of Cheer Dream Xplosion!

"Home of The Warriors"

I take pride in all our teams, you will always find me coaching & supporting all our teams!

Tiny Titans - Tiny Scorpions     

Mini Crusaders

Youth Pegasus  -  Youth Spartans

Junior Calypso's - Junior Gladiators

Senior Vikings


Alyssa Hollaran

Mini - Crusaders

Youth - Spartans

Melissa Tritto

Mini - Crusaders

Youth - Spartans

Youth - Pegasus

Head Coach -Kim McClue

Tiny - Scorpions

Junior - Gladiators

Eryn Cooper

Tiny - Titans

Youth -Calypsos's

Rosie Holzaphel

Mini - Crusaders

Youth - Spartans